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The Islands of Bombay happen to be inhabited considering that the very stone age as indicated through the artifacts that happen to be found near northern Bombay. Documented evidences of human inhabitance goes back to about 250 BC, in the event it was commonly known from the name Heptanesia or A cluster of seven islands. Earlier hawaii formed a part of the Maurya Empire basically ruled by the Buddhist emperor Ashoka the fantastic. Earlier control reflects the disputes relating to the Indo-Scythian, Western Satraps and also the Satavahanas. Later the islands were governed through the great Hindu rulers of Silhara Dynasty until annexed by Gujarat in 1343. The Elephanta Caves as well as the Walkeshwar temple complex are some of the oldest edificies that date to from this era.

The Dawnguard DLC story focuses around Lord Harkon, a vampire Lord that has his ambitions set on destroying the sun and bringing darkness to Tamriel for good, allowing his band of vampires to rule the land. Early on you might be in the choice of either helping him, like a vampire or opposing him, like a member of the "Dawnguard." Both sides have their own potentially profitable new skills and benefits of course and you'll want to play through each party from the story to get the most out of your DLC.

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